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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:19 PM | hangbony


He gets so emotional talking about his babies…sounds like a concerned parent..love this guy
A pride would never accept him if he were abusing them. Those animals could kill him anytime they want. For someone to accuse him of abuse is deranged. Keep doing the wonderful works you’re doing Dean.

I can’t believe he has to explain himself, what a sweetheart he is. Much love to you Dean, UR right about haters. May God bless and protect. Dean, only fools will think you’re some sort of animal “abuser”. You have an amazing soul to all the animals you touch. Thank you for doing what you do in this world. We need more of it.

They’re just mad they could never be this successful in saving a species as beautiful as this. Let alone have a relationship like Dean has. So sad someone has to go out there and ruin someone else’s day, glad you do what you do for your pride it’s so inspirational and enjoyed your speech. <3

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