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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:37 PM | hangbony

Lion Behavior- Dean Schneider

We know that they are BIG🙌🏼, STRONG💪🏼, DANGEROUS😱, BEAUTIFUL😍, MAJESTIC👑 & at the TOP of the FoodChain⛓ but there is sooo MUCH MORE to learn about Lions!🦁

Once we get an insight👀 into their actual social behavior, their bodylanguage & their mentality it opens a whole new World🌍 and increases our level of Understanding🙏🏼 for them! I am happy to be able to share all these Moments & Experiences first hand with You Guys!🤗❤️ Keep spreading the Message and invite all Your friends to join our Journey and fall in love with our Planets Wildlife!🐾❤️

I think it’s funny how when always one of the lions prepares to go into a fight and they go to Dean to make sure he‘s there for the backup but like what is he supposed to do, roar back?💀😂
The fact that nayla wasn’t sharing it with anyone but wanted to let dean join really means she is so loyal and affectionate towards him ❤️

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