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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:42 PM | hangbony

Dean Schneider in Kenya Part I

This Trip was one of the most beautiful, educational & intense experiences I‘ve ever made in my life. And the best part of it: Thanks to my unbelievable Team who worked incredibly hard to capture every possible Moment I get to share it all with You Guys. Kenya is one of a Kind! From the People & Culture over to it‘s Nature & Animals I couldn‘t have wished for more.

This is the format of Videos I aim to regularly produce and publish for all of You out here who are following my Journey and are supporting my Mission. Keep sharing this Content with Friends & Family and help me to spread the Message and inspire the World about the beauty of our Planets wildlife as well as the important values in Life.

Dean’s life is a perfect example that money doesn’t buy happiness. It’s about finding your PASSION.

Some of y’all are missing the point. Dean left his modern lifestyle where he had money and status wore suits and drove expensive cars for a more humble life without many of our modern day luxuries. He’s not out here “Chasing The Bag” he’s actively pursuing his PASSION for animals.

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