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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:43 PM | hangbony

Predators of Kenya – Dean Schneider

You would think that someone like Me who is part of a Lion Pride and lives alongside with Predators Day in Day out can’t be impressed anymore by viewing some Wild animals out of a Safari Vehicle. But let me tell you one thing: Experiencing and Observing these animals out there in the complete Wild Maasai Mara takes it all to another level! These animals are all an essential part of the greater circle of Life and through that play an incredibly important role in the Eco-System.

Observing these wild animals and the different relationships they have with one another was just mindblowing. I hope this Video brought some inspiration, joy & education about the Predators of Kenya into Your Life. Stay Tuned for Kenya Vlog Part 3. Cause now we getting HANDS ON!

Can we just take a moment, that Dean made this lion sound he always does, also with his pride and this “stranger lions” from the black rock pride, who are not familiar with dean instantly responded with the same sound? I think this instant connection is just breathtaking. ( 2:27 )

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