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Animals | November 19, 2022 7:10 AM | hangbony

Amazing video of the meeting of snakes captured in the camera, you must not have seen such a video

hi i am writing to you from Islamabad Pakistan i am a big fan of you and your videos and this video is fantastic i have seen such a meeting of 2 rat snakes in past in front of me but this meeting is fantastic i have started watching your videos almost 2 years back when i moved my house in a new area and i have noticed a lot of snakes in my area so i wanted to know more about snakes and from your videos i learned a good information about snakes

Tiger of Maharashtra Snake Commander Honourable shri Akash Bhau Jadhav , that’s call perfect professional snake rescuer, very dangerous situation but you rescued this highly Venomous Snake with very calm and perfect technic, outstanding superb fantastic fabullous great work with professionaly technic, this is the experience, only Snake saver, sarpmitra can understand that this was very dangerous and very risky rescue operation , well done very good work ,stay blessed 👍👍❤️❤️

Hello Sir, actually they are not matting…They are compete for the partner..Both are male and after there competition whoever win by make their head heigh from other it will mate with female..

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