Tawny Owl Luna’s Tragic Loss Has a Happy EndingšŸ¦‰

finn is unbelievably gentle! a while ago, he entered a nest with chicks, and left them alone. now he finds an egg and leaves it alone. many birds would destroy eggs/kill chicks in order to attain the nest/try to push the other bird out of their territory/get food via egg/chick, but he seems so docile and forgiving.

This egg season has been one of the wildest to date. From Luna taking in two nestlings when her eggs failed to Mr Kes taking on the duties of a female kestrel when Mrs Kes was attacked then abandoned the nest box

Mustā€™ve been a bit disorienting for Luna when Mrs Kes effectively opened her front door, screamed incomprehensibly at her in her living room, and left without further comment or context