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Animals | November 19, 2022 7:03 AM | hangbony

Deadly Battles Of Cobras || Cobra vs Mongoose, Komodo

Cobra are cold-blooded creatures that can move fast over difficult terrain. Rodents, insects, bird eggs, and juvenile birds are among the species they hunt and consume. Snake venom has the ability to paralyze and kill prey.

You have good content but here’s the thing a Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world and you’re showing different video content of monitor lizards other lizards and Komodo dragon lol so as much as I appreciate your content you got to get more facts straight on here. Monitor lizards are significantly smaller than Komodo dragons the size of 175 to 200 lb ish in range anywhere from 7 to 8 ft they are big.

The King Cobra at the start of the video, never once came up against a Komodo dragon. In fact right up to the 1:05 mark, this video not only didn’t show one Komodo dragon, but showed a total of THREE different lizards. So here we have another BS video, using whatever video images they can use, to make up whatever they want.

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