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Animals | November 10, 2022 3:58 AM | hangbony

Grant’s Gazzele Take Down Cheetah With Horns

Cheetahs do not use all of their power when running, but you can see how fast they are. This is probably because after capturing a prey, they must fight it, so they save energy for that rather than wasting it on speed.

It is great to keep an eye on the recent activities, but sadly, they have been attacked by other influential animals in the area, and they have been struggling to survive due to pressure from them. All of them are so awesome at watching their every move.

This is what I’m saying: every animal has its own defense mechanism and advantage; they just don’t use it because every time they see a predator, they get scared. Consider a cape buffalo that is three times the size of a lion and will flee for its life if a lion approaches.The buffalo should use its big body to charge into a lion, and it can even break its bones by stomping on it.


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