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Birds | November 18, 2022 8:39 AM | hangbony

10 Most Beautiful Birds on Planet Earth 2

Rare birds are exciting to watch in their natural habit. What a treat seeing them launch into the air, soaring through the sky. Also reflective, perched on a branch. Lovely feathers clothe their bodies. They can strut any fashion runway putting a model wearing gaudy Versace wear to shame!

Wonderful channel here!💕 Seeing these birds and how absolutely gorgeous they have been made by God makes me feel so blessed to even be able to see them and know they are existing out there somewhere. Fluttering and happy.🕊

I love all the little birds that do “magic trick” dancing – the way they shuffle really fast back and forth on a branch, snap their tails or wing tips up and down, tilt their head back and snap them back and forth, etc..

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