Barn Owls Willow & Ghost | Amazing Owl Parents🦉🦉

Barn owls Willow and Ghost are incredible owl parents. Watch as they defy the odds after laying their eggs in the dead of winter.

I love this long length format ❤so wonderful to watch this brood grow. Ghost and Willow did an amazing job despite the bad weather, such attentive parents. Willow such an exceptionally beautiful owl , glad we are still seeing Skye around the garden , she has her moms good looks 😍

Very proud of Ghost for stepping up to do his job this time around 👍 providing for a mate and 3 chicks is not easy, especially in the middle of winter! Things could very easily have fallen apart for this family, if Ghost had slacked off the way he did last time, but he really pulled through for them. Well done, Ghost!