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Birds | November 17, 2022 7:31 AM | hangbony

Kestrels of Fotherdale | The Survival Story of a Formidable Falcon Family

You might live in the “middle of nowhere” as such but you seem to be right in the midst of a totally dramatic soap opera of nature.. Excellently captured on film again btw. Thank you, this is truly rare footage that none of us would usually witness.

Great content Robert. As others have mentioned, I very much enjoy these longer videos, as it feels like a mini-movie and you’re invested in the natural progression of nature. Keep up the excellent work.

Absolutely adore ❤️ your channel! It’s so wonderful to see all the work you go to for these lovely birds. I’ve learned so much watching your videos and continue learning with every video. I wish I lived anywhere close to visit your gallery. Thank you for your channel!

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