The Biggest Cows You’ve Probably Never Seen

Bulls and Cows are no doubt one of the most beautiful and heaviest creatures to exist on Planet Earth. This has made them bigger and stronger over time. But just how big and strong are we talking? Well, you’re about to find out. Bulls come in all sizes. Some of them are smaller and others are naturally bulkier and more jacked up than most. We’ve got guys as big as elephants – think of them as the bodybuilders of their world. And some that are downright terrifying, and yeah…we’ve got actual giants. So make sure you stick around to the end.

Some of the comments are rediculous and some of the video was a bit patchy ie when you showed video of breeds that were not what you were talking about and some of the breeds you include are actually known for being small and hardy like the various Angus breeds and the belted Galloway, now I know that Americans have a tendency to take liberties with pronunciation but give me a break , how hard is it to find out how to pronounce Devon it’s an English place name! Oh and one breed you show but don’t mention is the large mri bull loading into the truck.

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