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Love & Cute | November 25, 2022 9:32 AM | hangbony

Animals Reunited With Owners After Years!

Awesome. This proves, we humans can harmoniously live and exist with animals, wild animals. We’ve been doing it wrong for a long time. The ancient artifacts, sculptures, drawings of history, with humans and animals side by side, holds true by this 9 min video.✌🏽

I had a dog who was a stray that I took in and she was very loyal until she passed away. She always waited for me to come home from work before she would come in the house. The day she passed away she waited for me to return from a doctor’s visit and could barely move,then I sat down next to her and petted her and told her that if she wanted to go that she could. I told her that I loved her and thanked her for her loyalty and she stopped breathing. That was very humbling for her to wait so I could say goodbye. I really miss Coco.

There is nothing more beautiful then the love between a animal and their buddy. No matter how wild they are they still remember their loved ones. I love the goose running with wings out.

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