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Love & Cute | November 25, 2022 2:33 PM | hangbony

MEET A Big Lion family with NINE Babies cubs

I like the little one from the other litter and the way that mother is basically trying to tell him/her to go home it’s supper time and I have enough mouths to feed! Too funny!! 😂

I’m always amazed at how much big cats behave just like our small house cats. Or is it the other way around? Notice the cub on the right biting mommy in the ass and chewing on her tail. She’s so tolerant.

23,000 lions left in the wild is staggering. I pray that the parks and sanctuaries in South Africa will take trophy and canned hunting more serious, than ever before. I hate lions being held captive in zoos, but how else can we be sure their numbers will stabilize and improve. I am a member of Kevin Richardson’s lion sanctuary around Johannesburg, as well.

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