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Birds | December 28, 2022 9:03 AM | hangbony

MEET the Most Beautiful Cockatoo Species on Planet Earth

i’m pleasantly surprised and equally relieved that so many of these birds are found in Australia. As a nation, Australia is impressive as a culture of conservation and I imagine these birds are quite safe in The Land Down Under.

I cannot chose the most beautiful as they are all absolutely stunning specimens.đź’™thankyou for sharing, wasnt aware of some of these breedsđź’™

As the parent of a Molucan cockatoo, I know that no matter how affectionate they are, they are happiest in the wild. Its heart breaking that my girl can never be & has never been in the wild. She is a rescue. She has endured some ugly things before coming to me. No matter how well I care fot her or provide her with an enriched environment, she will never fly free as she should have.

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