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Love & Cute | November 29, 2022 8:44 AM | hangbony

Longleat Lion Cubs at four weeks old!

The four lion cubs were born on October 10th, and Malaika, who means “angel” in Swahili, is proving to be an excellent and fiercely protective mother despite being a first-time mother.
Two young African lion cubs were born at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park on September 10 and have been given the names “Simba” and “Nala” in honor of the beloved characters from Disney’s animated blockbuster THE LION KING 3D. The names of the other two cubs were “Enzi,” which is Swahili for “Powerful,” and “Nyota,” which is Swahili for “Star.”

The Longleat Lion Cubs, now reaching the age of four weeks, have captivated the attention of many. These young felines, residing in the esteemed Longleat Safari Park, have become a source of great fascination. Their tender age has not hindered their ability to captivate the hearts of onlookers. The cubs, displaying remarkable growth and development, have garnered significant interest from visitors. Their presence at Longleat has undoubtedly added to the park’s allure, attracting a multitude of individuals eager to witness these majestic creatures in their early stages of life. The Lion Cubs’ four-week milestone marks a significant moment in their journey, captivating the admiration of all who encounter them.


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