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Birds | December 24, 2022 9:27 AM | hangbony

Magpie’s Reaction When it Meets an Exotic Bird

Snacking, playing with a rock, taking a dust bath, napping. It looks like this bird is living its best life. Beautiful.

Reminds me of when my mom adopted a green Quaker Parrot and put his cage up against the huge front windows, and all these female birds from other species kept gathering on the bushes to check him out and sing to him, while the male birds looked really agitated.

You captured such exquisite images of a fabulous bird! I’ve never heard of the Eurasian Hoopoe, but I shall never forget this charming little fellow. You filmed him so well as he ate his lunch that we can admire his expert eating technique in all its wonder. What a dextrous diner he is! Thank you so much.

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