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Love & Cute | January 10, 2023 1:37 AM | hangbony

How BABY RABBITS Protect themselves in the Wild

Baby rabbits in the wild, how they are cared for, how they live in and out of the burrow, how rabbits react to a predator, newborn rabbits nursing from their mother rabbit, how rabbits survive in the wild, how they protect each other themselves.

How newborn baby rabbits leave the burrow, how young rabbits get out of the burrow and how they survive in the wild, how they hide from predators.

Newborn baby rabbits trapped underground, their mother the first-time rabbit buried them underground to hide them, but without her no one will rescue them, once they are born, after giving birth the rabbit hides them in a burrow underground, they stay there locked up trapped Until the mother rabbit comes, she opens the cave to feed them, gives them milk, then the young rabbits go back into the burrow, where they sleep and join together to sleep. So until they grow up…

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