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Elephant | January 26, 2023 10:58 AM | hangbony

Elephant Calf Clambers Out Of 25ft-Deep Well After Res.Cuers Pump In Water To Float It To The Top

I have never seen a rescue that has touched my heart like this one. I don’t know how the elephant fell that far without hurting himself. He was “stuck” in there so tight, he couldn’t move his head around. This is an amazing rescue! God’s blessing on those amazing people, too.

This makes my heart happy. Bless that elephants will and power and bless everyone who saved him from what would have been a slow, terrible death. I hope they filled the hole in to prevent another one from falling in if wasn’t paying attention and came in from the steep side. Thank you to the brave men who put great effort into rescuing a beautiful animal!💙💙💙

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