A giant snake is threatening a sleeping man

I can remember as a kid I freaked out and ran screaming when I saw a small garden snake in my driveway. So glad I live in the North East (USA) where we don’t have these issues. Seeing a snake climb a tree or a house is scarier than a Massachusetts tax bill.

I grew up in Florida and over 30 years ago I knew a couple that had a 10 foot Python as a pet everyday they used to put the Snake outside o their patio to get the Sunshine and warmth Florida offered the Snake was in a enclosure while the owners went to work one evening the Snake was gone and they assumed it escaped and slithered off into the nearby woods 10 years later maintenance people were working in the attic of the same apartment complex my freinds had lived in previously and found a 12 foot Python alive and well authorities captured the Snake and it made local news shows my freinds saw the photos and were pretty confident that it was their snake ! authorities said the Snake fed on small rodents like mice and rats and was able to drink water from the condensation of the air conditioning system the Snake was turned over to a local Zoo for display and safe keeping which I believe still resides there last I knew this was of course many years before most pets are microchipped like they are now the owners stayed quiet on how their Snake escaped luckily no persons were injured although the maintenance guy was a little shaken up on his discovery