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Animals | January 27, 2023 1:43 PM | hangbony

‘Rare creatυre” with aп impossibly roυпd, blob-like body aпd aп expressive face pυzzled everyoпe

Earlier this month, a photo began to circulate on Twitter, sparking controversy about its veracity. People were doubtful that the big frog was a real animal because it resembled Jabba the Hutt’s long-lost cousin. Many people said it was a hoax or that it was some type of shellless turtle.

“This frog is doing the rounds on social media.” It’s a Glyphoglossus molossus (Blt-headed Brrowig Frog). This species is native to drier parts of mailad SE Asia and spends the majority of its life dergrod, waiting for rain—they have an excellent shape for borrowing and conserving water.

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