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Animals | January 29, 2023 1:25 PM | hangbony

Hippo being eаteп alive by Hyena

This is a horrifying moment when ailing hippo becomes a Hyena’s meal. The two Hyenas are seen stalking and then attacking the weak hippo as it lays on the ground. The poor hippo only has a short time to live as the Hyena dogs savagely eat it alive.

He wasn’t sick, look at his back and you clearly see the damage caused by lions’ claws and paws. Maybe that’s why he can’t stand up. He might have scaped but left too weak…

The beauty of wild life and wild animals. They literally “LIVE” moment to moment. They don’t question their existence, they don’t question their suffering, they don’t have the luxury of “self pity”. All they know is to survive, to live another day. Wildlife is mother natures finest work.

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