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Animals | January 30, 2023 2:59 AM | hangbony

To save the young zebra, the mother zebra put her life at dапɡeг by fending off ten hyenas

Horrible ! Zebra Giving Birth: Helplessly Attacked Among Hyenas, and What Happened After? This time, the prey of the hyena clan is a pregnant zebra in the animal world. The predator spends about half an hour stalking and observing to find its target. After finding the loopholes of their prey, they quickly approach and attack in the animal world.

The zebra was pregnant and could not keep up with the herd, so it was attacked by the hyenas in the animal world. In all, about 20 orbs followed and took down the pregnant zebra. The pregnant zebra could not escape the attack of dozens of hyenas in the animal world. The hyenas huddled behind the zebra. The zebra was unable to fight off the predators but still managed to get up. The hyenas attacked fiercely, and the zebra could not escape into the animal world.

The attack continues. The hyenas tore the mother’s zebra’s belly; a hyena was holding the unborn baby zebra and eating the baby zebra meat in the animal world. It didn’t take much for it to take down this rather heavy prey without much resistance in the animal world. In the end, the zebra could not resist a whole pack of ferocious predators and became their delicious meal. The ill-fated zebra, after being defeated, becomes a delicious meal for the hyena clan in the animal world.

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