Caught a strange creature “crocodile head with buffalo body”

Strange animal with “the body of a buffalo and the head of a crocodile” This weird animal with a “body of buffalo and head of crocodile” baffles everyone. Images have been shared of a most unusual creature that has appeared in a remote village, and it’s the stuff of sci-fi movies.

The animal appears to have the scaly, rough head and skin of a crocodile. But on closer inspection, it’s also got the body and hooves of what looks like a calf. Bizarre: The creature is thought to be good luck by local people. Local website Rath has commented on the find in High Rock, Wanghin, in Thailand. The creature appears to be a buffalo offspring, but it is clearly not a normal-looking creature. According to the site, the animal died soon after birth, but “it is surprising and is believed to bring good luck to the family and the village.”