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Animals | February 1, 2023 10:42 AM | hangbony

Mysterious alien-like ‘blue dragons’ with venomous stingers are washing up on Australian beaches

Quick facts about this tiny stinging nudibranch! The blue sea dragon (blue sea slug, Glaucus atlanticus, blue angel, sea swallow, blue ocean slugs, blue glaucus). Blue sea dragon facts! It looks like a Pokemon.

The unusual-looking creatures can be identified by wing-like fins and bizarre blue markings. Venomous sea slugs have recently been spotted along beaches on North Padre and Mustang Islands.

I’ve seen this before when I was little (like 50 years ago) at Surf Side beach. My mama knew what it was. She told us not to touch them. I think we saw like 2 of them. It was more than one. There was also a lot of jelly fish back then too.

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