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Animals | February 2, 2023 2:01 PM | hangbony

Self-defense Turtle swallows stupid Snake that dares to attack it

I always respected the boldness of giant tortoises. Their entire build is based on nothing but sheer defense and strong jaws, they are so slow but their entire body is a fortress, of shell and leather. The only effective ways to end one in shell is gravity, the underbelly and neck. Even then the tortoise is so ungodly sized that virtually nothing can penetrate it yet what possibly can power such a hulking behemoth of turtling? Plants, literally just plants, sure it’s a good amount but still plants

I actually find this channel myself, not from recommended! I was interested about some animals like a year ago and was searching and found you with a cool mask and a hoodie and got hooked up with this channel ever since! 😀

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