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Animals | February 3, 2023 2:19 AM | hangbony

Cousins stop Florida snake invasion, killing giant pregnant python on property

Aaron Brown was driving down Parnell Road when he spotted something on his family’s property that required a second look. It turned out to be a 16-foot Burmese python – the biggest snake ever reported to be found in Zolfo Springs.

After the family wrangled it, they handed it over to snake hunter Dusty Crum, who found 100 eggs inside.

The state of Florida is not taking this problem serious enough. These bastards are running out of food in the Everglades and they are moving north. 2 15’ pythons were killed in Lake Kissimmee. That’s only 20 miles from Orlando where millions visit yearly. How long will that last when families fear being eaten by a python? They’ve devastated the Everglades now they are moving on populated areas! Florida must get serious and hire full time hunters and pay them well. An army is needed, like ex military guys, with them hunting full time. The Python Cowboy, Dusty Crum can train them. Whatever Florida damn well has to get serious. These monsters are on the move. What’s it gonna take? People getting killed. Children playing in their yards when a 16’ python attacks them! Listen up Florida!! Listen up!

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