Heart-pounding underwater rescue a 12-meter-long humpback whale caught in an illegal drift net off the Balearic island

I love to fish and when i see or hear about fishermen using illegal nets or not fallowing the laws and hurt our environment that just makes me mad. This is why when i fish and i see someone doing something illegal where i fish i confront them and exchange blows and make sure my local Fish and wildlife warden knows what’s going and see the people get busted it’s a good feeling.

This woman would never have been able to do this by herself so why do they only mention her? This habit of refusing to recognize men for their contribution to everything in this world should have consequences! Thousands of men are saying they refuse to work with women, train them, do business with them, marry them, live with them, etc. You got what you wanted and that is to have the recognition and rewards of being a man without the responsibility. It’s a brave new world ladies! The US military is talking about placing women in combat and making hem join the draft at 18 just like my boys had to do. Just hink of all the men who died in war and doing dangerous jobs so woman can be comfortable and safe. Wome.n as a whole treat men like garbage these days