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Animals | February 10, 2023 9:59 AM | hangbony

See 30 Winners Of The Close-Up Photography Of The Year 2020 Competition

The Close-Up Photography Awards, which celebrate and showcase close-up, macro, and microphotography, have just announced their winners and finalists. The overall Close-up Photographer of the Year award was won by a French photographer, Galice Hoarau, for his image of an eel larva, captured off the island of Lembeh, Indonesia. Other stunning winners include spiders, geckos, flowers, and other magnificent shots.

The competition comprised seven categories: animals, insects, plants, and fungi; intimate landscape; manmade world; young (for creatives under 17); and micro (for photographs taken with a microscope).
The 100 winners were chosen from more than 6,000 entries that came from 52 countries around the globe. Scroll down below to see our selection of the best shots and tell us what you think of them in the comment section!

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