Dramatic battle to the last second between snakes and crocodile lizards makes viewers excited

We saw a stalemate—both amphibia were silent and still until the lizard’s hind leg twitched slightly.

This close-up made it clear that the lizard had the snake’s head tightly gripped in its jaws.

Close inspection revealed that the lizard had a firm grip on the snake’s jaws, clamping them shut and preventing its lazy ally from opening its mouth and attacking.Joatha drew near the adesaies with a small twig.

They split, with the sake spitting off to the ight and disappearing into the bshes downwad towads the mash, and the lizard skittering left and disappearing into the bshes on the other side of the path.The lizard then ran as fast as light down the path to the bush in the pit of the sea in what seemed like less than a second.

Did the snake attack the lizad’s eggs after they had hatched in order to elicit sch a daig offesie moe from the lizad?