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Animals | February 12, 2023 1:01 PM | hangbony

Witnessing his beloved wife being toгп apart by 20 lions, the wіld buffalo could only cry and leаⱱe

South Luangwa National Park is famous for its large lion herds and large herds of buffalo, up to 500 or more in a single herd, found in the areas around the Lion Plain near Champung Kaingo and Champung Mwamba Bush.
Buffalo is the favorite food of lions. petу to feed a herd of 10 to 15 lions. But there is no meal without a fight, and the buffalo will not give up easily. They can easily seduce the predatory lions, and when one member of the herd is targeted, the remaining ones will not give up easily. often retaliate.

A large buffalo ran to assist his comrades in driving away the lions at this time, but it did not stay long for fear of becoming pey аа.and the lions continued to poach on the giant buffalo.

The wounded buffalo also resolutely fought back fiercely and did not succumb to the lions; thanks to his teammates’ continuous help, it escaped from the lions many times.

Although the buffalo was now off its tail, it still tried to flee with all its might, and that was successful; it was able to get away from the fearsome lions.

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