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Elephant | February 16, 2023 1:39 PM | hangbony

Cute scence of the ɡгeedу wіld elephant stops passing trucks to ѕteаl sugarcane

The elephant attempted to steal from over 12 different cars in a two-hour span, according to witnesses, before returning to the jungle.
Because he was such a big elephant, no one dared to approach him and drive him back into the bush. Cars were going past him at a snail’s pace while waiting in long lines for him.

For several minutes, Auan-tia rummaged into each vehicle that had been traveling from a nearby farm.

After searching through one car, he looted some food and then held up the next vehicle in line to do the same. His meal that day consisted of sugar cane and tapioca.

Wildlife officials cautioned motorists to be wary of the animal, although the elephants in this region are friendly and rarely cause harm to humans.
Truck drivers are used to seeing elephants on the road, so they take extra precautions, but this was an unusual case in which the beast stopped a huge number of vehicles and refused to go.

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