Sһoсked Discovered that she believed fish in the fɩeѕһ washed up on the British coast

The fire-and-wood mermaid (саса) with a pale face, long tail, and many fins dipped on the beach, making many people dizzy.
Recently, images of what is believed to be the body of a mermaid were found on the beach, surprising many people. It is reported that the “mermaid corpse” was found in the Philippines.

The body of a mermaid that washed up on the beach shocked many people.
Many people describe the mermaid discovered this time as having a human face, pale skin, and a long tail with many fins around it. “Mermaid soup” was discovered by local fishermen and quickly reported to the authorities. Everyone believes that the appearance of this ееdау figure portends a bad omen for the country, but no one knows what it is.

Meanwhile, a number of other international news sites published the image of the “mermaid’s body” with the description “found on the Spanish island of Canaria.” A witness who is said to have personally discovered the “mermaid’s body,” named Peter, said: “While jogging along the beach, I saw a strange object. When I got close, I couldn’t believe my eyes. because it is so similar to the mermaid that we often see in fairy tales or on television.”

In the face of the above information disturbance, some netizens speculated that this was just a technology product or a work of art that was “fake news” to some people. Because not long ago, the “mermaid” was also said to have been discovered by divers in Greenland under the sea, and a video clip recorded on the coast of Israel also showed the mermaid on the rocky beach and quickly slithering into the sea.

Many people think that this is just a work of art.

The body of a mermaid appeared on the beach, causing much excitement.
This is not the first time that mermaids have appeared to be a myth in popular culture.The first time the mermaid teррed out of the mythical eed and appeared to the naked eye was in 1403.The flood waters receded, leaving her stranded on the coast of Eton, the Netherlands, with a group of people. fisherman found.

According to the book “Speculum Mundi,” published in 1635 and written by the British minister John Swan himself about this event, the mermaid appeared to soon integrate into “earthly” life, liked to wear beautiful clothes, and liked to walk. play and listen to the ladies confiding, but she never opens her mouth to talk.