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Animals | February 18, 2023 1:20 PM | hangbony

Sweet baby monkey forms heart-melting bond with ducklings

Animals are full of surprises, no matter whether they are wild or domesticated. When it comes to love and compassion, there are no distinctions or boundaries.We believe that only those with the same bloodline are related, but mother nature demonstrates that we are all related.Kindness is where our heart-melting story begins.

He had a heart of gold and made friends with different animals he met in the house. After saying hello to the ducklings living here, he became a genuine big brother who always protected and took care of them as his brood.
Bon Bon preferred to spend his time in the garden with his duckling siblings.They ate, slept, napped, groomed, and played with each other all the time. The fuzzy infant monkey appeared happy when accompanied by his yellow-feathered friends.
Not only did they enjoy spending time together, but they also cared about each other. Whenever and wherever Bon Bon saw something strange and thought it was scary, he instantly gathered and covered the ducklings and led them to run away. As long as he felt safe, the brother monkey continued to hug and cuddle with the tiny ducks.
The ducklings got used to Bon Bon’s presence and started to look after him. They enjoyed gently rubbing his fur with their beaks and followed him around.Bon Bon and his light-yellow buddies were in the garden all day, playing with grass, leaves, and specks of dirt. Besides, he never tried to leave the little ducks or seemed unpleased with them tailing him.
Animal Home is an impressive YouTube channel that says on its about us page, “If you have the opportunity to come to Indonesia, remember to visit our family!”
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