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Animals | February 23, 2023 3:13 PM | hangbony

Buck Fighting Wild Dogs & Hippos Gets Caught Ƅy Crocodile

Sometimes the odds are stacked against you, as this Nyala ull discovered when it was caught between two rocks, a hard place, and a ruthless reptile.A video that was recorded in South Africa’s Kruger National Park last month shows the elephant fighting off a pack of wild dogs and a hippo, only to be eaten by a crocodile.

The video begins with the nyala mule facing off against the two wild dogs. The ull’s back right leg is already injured, but it maintains its focus on the dogs as it steps deftly into the large watering hole.

But the antelope has another, much larger predator to worry about. Three seconds into the video, you can hear the telltale sound of a hippo clearing water from its nostrils, and as the camera pans out, the hippo is already approaching from behind.

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