The python holds the leopard in place while the enormous cat’s back is being ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋed by it

A leopard and a large python live in the savaah.
The leopard is held in place by the python, while the eormos cat’s back is pressed against it.The “survival of the fittest” principle is clearly demonstrated in this action-packed film.

A group of tourists on a safari saw Amazigh s: a leopard and a python were tig in the desert.The leopard struggled with the snake and retaliated with teeth and claws as they watched.

In the video, the leopard jumps into the air when the snake approaches it. After a brief standoff, the reptile eventually managed to completely encircle the animal.For a brief moment, it appeared that the leopard would lose it as the reptile conspired to encircle it and the eagle’s cat fled.But the big cat eventually got away, ed the sake, and woe.Pytho became the leopard’s prey.

The python was ed after sstaiig meros pet wods, otably to the region around its head. The leopard was limping away from the s after sustaining a laceratio to its right forepaw, indicating that it was also injured.