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Animals | February 28, 2023 2:49 PM | hangbony

This Is How Turtles аttасk and eаt Snakes Alive In The Water

Kerry Wix, a professional photographer, was fishing at Dale Hollow Lake in Tehassee in 2015 when he noticed a large northern water snake struggling to haul itself out of the water over a concrete spillway.No matter how hard it twitched, the snake didn’t seem to move.

“I couldn’t tell what was going on, but you told me: I always have a camera handy,” Wix later told F&S history editor Will Bratley. Wix doked a GoPro beneath the surface and then figured out what was eating the sake—stew—as it tried to escape.

A communal snapping turtle had clamped the serpent’s tail between its powerful jaws. The frot claws of the turtle were shreddig hks of fe off the strgglig sake. The snake was able to poke its head above the surface to breathe, even brazenly thrusting its fags toward the camera at one point, but it had no way to break free of the snapper’s grip.

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