African Rock Python tries to Enter Home–Eats Rabbit Instead

In an extraordinary incident, an African rock python was spotted trying to enter a home in Kenya, only to end up eating a rabbit instead. The African rock python, one of the world’s largest snakes, is native to East and West Africa. Despite their large size, they are surprisingly stealthy and can often be found in urban areas. On this particular occasion, the python was spotted slithering towards a rural house in Kajiado County in Kenya. The homeowner, a farmer, was alerted to the presence of the snake by his barking dogs. He quickly alerted the local authorities and wildlife officers who were able to locate the snake.

Amazingly, the python had managed to get inside the house and had eaten a rabbit that was in the home. Thankfully, the homeowner and his family were unharmed. The African rock python is classified as a ‘vulnerable species’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They are under threat due to habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade.

Experts advise that anyone who spots a python should not approach it but instead call the authorities. In this case, the swift action of the homeowner and wildlife officers ensured that no one was hurt and the python was able to go on its way. It is an alarming reminder of how close humans and wild animals can be, even in urban areas. It is important to remember to respect wildlife and take the necessary precautions to protect them and ourselves.