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Elephant | March 20, 2023 3:44 PM | hangbony

ΑdoгаЬɩe Momeпt Eɩeрһапt Ϲаɩf ɡetѕ Տtᴜсk Ϲгoѕѕіпɡ Օⱱeг Α Fаɩɩeп Tгee


The calf and its family were walking through an area that was cleared by lumberjacks in India.

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant and its family walk through an area cleared by lumberjacks.

The incident happened Chowkham village, in north east India, on Monday afternoon.

Locals said the young elephant is called Phantom, while its mother is Maruti and the the second adult is seven-year-old Babulal.






Phantom the elephant was filmed struggling to cross a fallen tree trunk in Chowkham village, in north east India, on Monday afternoon

The elephant family are regulars in the village and a local tends to them and uses one for rides

Phantom the elephant, pictured in happier times, is a regular in the village




The footage shows the young calf trying to cross a fallen log to be with his brother.


Phantom’s mother is happy to looks on.

Locals said the three elephants live in the jungle which which surrounds the camp.

One man is known to tend to the elephants and offers them to tourists for rides.


Locals and tourists enjoy feeding the elephant family whenever they are around the village


The elephants were regulars in Chowkham village in north east India, pictured,

Locals and tourists enjoy feeding the elephants, pictured, when they visit the village

This is the hilariously adorable moment a baby elephant gets stuck after trying to cross over a fallen tree.

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