What a pretty bird, never heard of it before.

Eurypyga helias, also known as the Sunbittern, is a unique bird species from tropical regions of Latin America. Known for their vibrant and diverse plumage, Eurypyga helias is one of the most beloved bird species in the avian community.

Sunbitterns are about 40 to 50 cm long and weigh only about 250 to 300 grams. They have brightly colored feathers with alternating patches of orange, red, green, and blue. The unique and beautiful front wings with black, white, and orange stripes are their signature feature.

Eurypyga helias typically live in wet tropical forests in the region from Mexico to Argentina. They often inhabit forests along riverbanks and are usually found at elevations from 0 to 1,500 meters above sea level.

These birds are solitary and only live alone or in pairs. They are usually hidden and only appear in the morning or evening. Sunbitterns feed on insects, small animals, and crustaceans, and often forage on the ground or on rocks along riverbanks.

Although Eurypyga helias is considered a species that is not highly threatened, they still face the risk of hunting or habitat loss due to deforestation. Many conservation research groups and organizations have been working to protect and restore their habitats.

Sunbitterns are one of the most adorable and attractive bird species. They are an important part of the tropical forest ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the environment.