Thinking the dragon crawled into the house, the girl ‘panic’ until she learned the ‘truth’

When nine-year-old Angela heard a loud thud coming from the hallway one night, she was sure it was a dragon coming to get her. She was home alone, and her parents had gone out for dinner. The sound of thudding and scraping against the wall made her heart race with fear. Angela ran to her parents’ bedroom and hid under the bed, trembling in terror. She was so sure that a dragon was coming to get her and she didn’t know how to defend herself.

But then, something strange happened. Instead of the dragon coming to attack her, a voice called out from the hallway. It was her parents, returning home late from dinner. Angela couldn’t believe her ears. She slowly emerged from under the bed and raced out to the hallway. It turns out that the dragon was actually her father, carrying a heavy suitcase. He had stumbled in the dark and dropped it, causing the loud thud. He had been trying to open the door with one hand while carrying the suitcase in the other.

Angela laughed with relief. She was so relieved to learn the truth – that there was no dragon – that she fell into her parents’ arms and hugged them tight. The incident was a valuable lesson for Angela – to not jump to conclusions. She learned that it’s important to get the facts before making assumptions. From then on, Angela tried to be more mindful and less fearful. She knew that knowledge was power and that understanding the truth was the best way to overcome her fears.