Hyenas Walk Into Massive Python in Road

It was a shocking moment for drivers on a Kenyan road when a group of hyenas encountered a massive python. The python had managed to cross the road and was in the middle of the path when the hyenas walked up to it. The hyenas seemed to be completely unaware of the danger they were in and simply kept walking towards the reptile. Eventually, one of the hyenas noticed the python and stopped in its tracks. The other hyenas followed suit and the group of animals stood still, seemingly in shock at the sight of the giant snake.

The python, which was estimated to be over 10 feet long, seemed content to stay in the same spot and didn’t move. After some time, the hyenas eventually realized the danger they were in and cautiously moved away from the python. The encounter was captured on video by one of the drivers and has since become a viral hit on social media. The video has been viewed millions of times and has sparked a lot of conversation about the intelligence of hyenas. Many viewers have commented on the impressive display of courage by the hyenas in the face of danger.

The python, which is believed to be a Reticulated Python, is not native to the area and is thought to have been released by a pet owner. It is unclear what happened to the python after the encounter or if it is still living in the wild. It was certainly a memorable moment on the Kenyan road and a reminder of the importance of respecting nature and wildlife.