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Animals | September 18, 2023 8:55 AM | hangbony

The Excavator Loading Trucks Scary With Big Snake During New Road Construction

Construction projects are always exciting, but they can also be a bit nerve-wracking, especially when a giant snake is involved. Recently, a construction crew in India had an unexpected encounter with a massive snake while working on a new road. The crew was excavating the area and loading the dirt into the trucks when they noticed a large snake slithering toward them. The workers were understandably terrified, but the snake didn’t seem to be aggressive. In fact, the snake was actually trying to escape the loud machinery and find a quiet place to hide.

The construction crew managed to keep their cool and corral the snake away from the busy construction site. They used a stick to keep the snake away from the excavator and trucks, and eventually managed to get the snake off the site without causing any harm. The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral online. People were amazed at the workers’ ability to stay calm in such a scary situation. It was also a reminder that even in the midst of a construction project, we must always stay aware of our surroundings and be mindful of the wildlife that we may encounter.

It’s not every day that you get to see a giant snake during a construction project, but this incident serves as a reminder that you should always be prepared for the unexpected. It’s important to stay alert and take proper precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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