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Animals | September 18, 2023 1:12 PM | hangbony

Dig Burrow To Catch 2 Giant White Cobras

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is home to two gigantic white cobras that have recently been seen in the region. In an effort to catch the elusive creatures, local villagers are digging burrows in their fields to trap them. The two cobras, known as the white cobras, are said to be eight feet long and have been spotted near the village of Srikakulam. They are believed to be the largest cobras ever seen in India and have been sighted several times in the past few weeks.

The villagers are using the burrows to lure the cobras in and then catch them. The burrows are being dug with the help of local farmers who have experience digging holes with shovels. The holes are then filled with small stones, sticks, leaves, and other materials that the cobras can hide in. Once the cobras enter the burrows, the villagers can then close the burrows and trap the cobras. The locals are also using torches and sticks to make sure that the cobras are not able to escape.

The villagers believe that the white cobras are a sign of good luck and have been using these burrows to capture the cobras. The villagers are also hopeful that the capture of the cobras will bring prosperity to the region. The local government is also taking steps to protect the cobras and prevent them from being harmed. They have set up a special task force to monitor the cobras and make sure that they are not harmed. The burrows are a unique way to capture the white cobras, and the villagers are hopeful that their efforts will be successful. With luck, the local government and villagers can work together to capture the cobras and keep them safe.

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