Buffaloes that Trap Lion in Tree Try Bite his Balls #2

In a daring attempt to protect their young, a group of buffaloes in a South African game park have reportedly cornered a lion in a tree and attempted to bite his genitals off. The incident occurred when a pride of lions was spotted by a park ranger in the Madikwe Game Reserve, and they were immediately chased away by a group of agitated buffaloes. As they ran to safety, one of the lions got stuck in a nearby tree, and that’s when the buffaloes began their extraordinary attempt to protect their young.

The buffaloes formed a circle around the base of the tree, effectively trapping the lion and preventing it from climbing down. Then, they started charging and butting the base of the tree, causing it to sway and rocking the lion back and forth. In an attempt to escape, the lion lashed out with its claws and teeth, but the buffaloes were relentless. The buffaloes then began to focus their attention on the lion’s private parts, attempting to bite them off. According to the park ranger, the lion was screaming in pain and fear, and it was only after a good few minutes that the buffaloes finally backed off.

The lion managed to escape with its life, but it was left with some nasty wounds. The buffaloes, on the other hand, were successful in protecting their young, proving that they can be just as fierce and powerful as the king of the jungle. The incident serves as a reminder of the strength and power of buffaloes, and how important it is to treat them with respect and not to underestimate them.