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Animals | November 8, 2021 4:53 AM | hangbony

Mother Mountain Goat Protect Her Baby From Snow Leopard Hunting, Animals Hunt Fail

Beautiful film footage of both species playing and hunting in their native habitats, yet separated by time, space, and distance.

The only extended stretch here is the author’s imagination, which the audience either can’t or doesn’t care about.

Actually he spliced 3 video’s together the desert red rock is in Isreal, the vertical dam is in Italy and BBC’ s documentary is in Pakistan.

These mountain goats, how they run so nimble and navigate thru the steep cliffs just incredible…
How did a domestic alpine goat get on the back of a mountain goat/sheep? Great vid of a chase,
This are at least two different clips! One is a snow leopard hunting in some asian mountain and the other should be some goats “licking” salt on a steep dam (I think) in Italy, Thank you for like and share.

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