Hungry python crawls into house.

A hungry python slithered into a home in northern metropolitan Bangkok and swallowed a pet cat whole Sept. 6.

Fortunately, even though I reside in Australia, there aren’t many snakes in my house, which is a relief.

I find it amusing that everyone is slamming the other individuals for laughing at the owner’s expense, You understand how frequent this is, all of these people asking “why did I click” or “why was this in my recommendations” when I purposefully sought this up.

The older I become, the more difficult these kinds of things become for me, I can’t tolerate people’s loved ones; it was most likely a really wonderful pet that they adored.

Thank goodness the animal survived; it must have been a experience for both the owner and the pet, Omg thank god the cat was still alive in the end, that must have been a very experience for both the owner and the cat, I can’t imagine coming home and seeing my pet be alive by a python if I had one, Thank you for like and share.

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