This is the moment an unsuspecting warthog walks down the road right into 2 lions that were waiting in ambush.

It’s amazing how the 2 lionesses attacked from different positions. One from the behind to push the warthog right into the other lioness’ trap. Perfect planning & execution by the lionesses.

Warthog strolling along the neighborhood and thinking “The world needs to be this peaceful everyday!”

Imagine getting stranded and having to walk this road! I didn’t even see the second lioness until after about a minute.

For people saying “Nothing happens in the beginning” – you must watch the technique of the lions.

It’s hard to hunt in the wild, this wasn’t by chance.
The younger lioness slowly looped behind the warthog to the pounce and give it a fright so it would run into the adult and more experience lioness. Perfect ambush.