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Animals | January 9, 2022 2:09 AM | hangbony

After Baboon Mother D.i.es, Leopard T.reats Baby Baboon Like it’s Mother

Baboons live in groups of men and females of various ages. This group of baboons has made their home in one of Africa’s largest jungles in the east south.

This female leopard takes a.dvan.tage of one of them being alone to d.emons.trate her b.ravery and power.

The baboon, it seemed, grew that leopard. So it was just paying it forward, but the mother felt c.ompe.lled to i.ntervene because the leopard r.efu.sed to sign the a.dop.tion paperwork.

I have been wondering, would the baby baboon really s.urv.ived? What would the leopard feed the baby baboon with? A lot is going in my mind.

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