Goshawk tries to Fight a rabbit.

For centuries, goshawks have been used for hunting live prey such as rabbits. With their extraordinary agility, speed, and sharp eyesight, this bird of prey is the best hunting bird. This video features one of the most dramatic hunting moments in nature. Enjoy yourself.

Goshawks have long been used to hunt live game such as rabbits, and their exceptional agility, speed, and keen eyesight make them the ideal hunting birds. This is one of the most incredible rabbit chases I’ve ever seen. Please accept my apologies for the bun, but he fought until the very end! The hawk simply had more endurance.

Enjoy this video of one of nature’s most dramatic hunting moments. The hawk is still young, but with experience, it will grow up to be a hero. Rabbits have a lot of entrances and exits to their burrows. They don’t go too far from their burrows when grazing, and they certainly won’t graze on open, hostile terrain. Thank you for liking and sharing.